Restorative Muscular Therapy & Wellness

can offer you In-Person Bodywork Treatments and Reiki Energy Therapy, In-person or Virtual Wellness Coaching, Corrective Exercise Training, Mindfulness and Breathwork. (Virtual Programs coming in 2024.)

In-Person Bodywork Services

No matter your physical ailment or goal, Melissa of Restorative Muscular Therapy can help you feel comfortable in your body once again

Medical Massage Practitioner

Technique involves different types of therapeutic procedures that focus on your body’s tendons, tissues, muscles, and ligaments.


Technique is utilized to reintegrate body and mind to work as one holistic system and provide a general sense of well-being. It is a tune-up for your body, like a tune-up for your car.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Technique to help alleviate pain and inflammation. Also helps to decrease bloat and digestive issues.

Reiki Energy

Reiki practitioners channel universal energies to the places in your physical body that have blocks or stuck energy to promote healing and wellness

Corrective & Functional Exercise Trainer

Helps to rebalance the physical body and correct posture through reactivating core stabilizing muscles and promotes stretching and foam rolling.

In-Person or Virtual
Coaching Treatments


Aids clients in setting and achieving their health goals, typically around physical and emotional health.

Breathwork & Mindfulness

Great for beginners to meditation and to those looking to deepen their practice.


Helps one tap into his or her inner being to improve all aspects of life by gaining a better understanding of self

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Virtual Programs Coming Soon

Science Behind the StretchLearn the basic anatomy and kinesiology involved with stretching, how to incorporate it into your routine and stretches for your full body.


Rock n' Foam RollLearn the why and the how on effectively foam rolling and how to incorporate this practice into a daily routine. Consider this a self massage.

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