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When you sign up to become a member of the Mystical Moon Tribe to experience community and celestial healing, you will receive a welcome pack of a Mystic Moon Wellness Pack to kickstart your journey.

The Wellness Warrior Pack helps individuals with their soul’s evolution and healing journey. A gift for yourself or a loved one that encompasses 5-8 full sized products including nature and natural products, crystals, jewelry, aromatherapy, energetic upgrades-healing & clearing and wellness coaching support in every pack! Locally and small business sourced.

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Frequently asked questions

The staff here at Wellness Warrior are dedicated to providing the best shopping experience.

Dive into our FAQ for more details or Contact Us with any questions.

When and how often do the quartlerly boxes ship?Wellness Warrior Pack ships on the 1st of the month.

2024 Quarterly Packs: February, May, September & November

Purchase anytime before January 24th and you will receive it after the Pack ships on February 1st. Purchase anytime between January 24th-April 24th and you will receive it after the Pack ships on May 1st. Purchase anytime between April 24th-August 24th and you will receive it after the Pack ships on September 1st. Purchase anytime between August 24th-October 24th and you will receive it after the Pack ships on November 1st.

What if I want a box between the quarterlies?You're in luck!
On top of the subscription boxes, you may purchase a:

-Warrior Birthday Pack

-Wellness Chakra Boost Pack

-Energy Clearing Pack

anytime. We will ship on the following 1st of the month.

Can I see or select the items that will be in my box?At the moment our boxes are expertly curated by our staff and not currently customizable. However this may be something we explore in the future so stay in touch!

Is there meaning behind the pricing?Angel number 6- dream big

Angel number 3- true potential and harmony

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